Skip Logic is a feature that allows you to choose which question is next in the survey based off of user responses to your questions. This is very common when creating screening tools. To see an example of this in action take the demo survey "What type of food do you prefer?" based on your responses at the end it will suggest where you should go for lunch. It will make your surveys quicker to complete and more relevant. In this guide, you learn how to create your first skip logic rule.

  1. Click on a Binary question in the editor. For this example we use the "What are you in the mood for?" question built using this guide.
  2. On the right side of the screen click on the Skip Logic button.

3. This will cause the menu to fly out.
Note: You do have the option to make this a required question.

4. Click the drop down next to Next Question to select which question(s) your skip logic will send users to upon providing an answer to the designated question(s). You can skip the user to future questions, loop them to previous questions or to the end of the survey.

5. For this example set the following conditional questions for the skip logic:

6. Once you are done, you will notice a small icon that will appear on the bottom right of your Binary Smart Form 

icon to indicate that you have successfully applied skip logic to your Smart Form. 

7. If desired, repeat steps 2-5 to create additional skip logic statements. 

8. Everything saves automatically. Now click the Thank You button at the bottom right.

9. Now your survey has skip logic based on a user's response to your Binary Smart Form.

If you wanted to take it to the next level, then you would add skip logic to multiple questions in order to filter out specific users or user groups. In a future video, we will walk through building this out step-by-step. In the meantime, if you need additional help with this feature do not hesitate to reach out to, and one of our Wizards will walk you through the process.

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