This powerful feature is very useful when looking to focus on survey results by question and answer. To see an example of this in action take the demo survey "What type of food do you prefer?" based on your responses at the end it will suggest where you should go for lunch. It will make your surveys quicker to analyze and provide more focused insights. In this guide, you learn how to create your first metric filter rule.

1. To create a new Metric Filtering rule: On the survey homepage, locate the survey card of the of the survey that you want to filter.

2. To view your metrics: Click on the Metrics button (chart icon) below your survey card.
Note: this button will open the survey dashboard view

3. To add a filter: In the Dashboard click on the edit filter button above your survey results

4. The Edit Filter settings pop-up window will appear and display the options to add filters based on the answer(s) to a single question.

5. Select the data you would like to filter by clicking the plus button and selecting the question you want to include in the filter rule. In this example, we will use the question, "What type of food do you prefer?".

Note: By default, you have the option to add multiple filters using the 'and' logic operator. In order to add a single filter to your data, please select the 'or' logic operator.

6. Select the answer you want to include you want to include in the filter rule and click APPLY FILTER at the bottom of the pop-up window to add the filter to your survey results. 

7. The filtered view of your survey results will include any responses that match any of the answer criteria that you choose. You can add as many filters as you would like. They will be combined by the and/or logic operators. 

8. Repeat steps 5-6 to include additional questions and answers in your filter rule.

9. To remove a filter rule at any time, go to your metrics page and click REMOVE FILTER.

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