The Bubble Smart Form is a fun way ask multiple questions on one screen. The Bubble is mostly used to do ratings. However, it can be used for brand awareness, customer engagement, and other marketing needs.

Use the following steps to build this example question.

Note: Your work is saved automatically as you work through the steps so don’t fret looking for a save button.

  1. To create the Bubble Smart Form: From the Survey Home Page click the + icon at the bottom of the page.
  1. To choose the Bubble Smart Form: On the Choose a Smart Form screen click on BUBBLE.
  1. To update your question’s text: On the Smart Form image click on the words “Your Question”.
  1. To type out your question: On the left-hand side, below ENTER YOUR TEXT, type your question. Note: As you type you will see a number to your right that is the number of characters remaining. Data science best practices require your question to be less than 90 characters, and the editor will enforce this limit.

Tip: Use the word “drag” in your question to guide responders on how to use the Smart Form.

  1. To edit a bubble: On the Smart Form image click on the bubble that says YOUR QUESTION.
  1. To type on the bubble: On the left-hand side, below ENTER YOUR TEXT, type your text for the bubble. Note: Text inside bubbles will automatically be capitalized.

8. To create or remove bubbles: click on the star icon on the right-hand side of the homepage of your survey.

7. To add bubbles click on the + icon on the right-hand side. Note: The number in the center of the circle represents how many bubbles are on your Smart Form image.

1. To erase bubbles click on the trash can icon on the left-hand side. Note: It will erase the bubbles in order of most recently added to first added.

8. Repeat steps 5-7 to add/edit bubbles.

9. To edit a box label: On the Smart Form image click the green box on the left-hand side that says ANSWER 1.

10. To type a box label: On the left-hand side, below ENTER YOUR TEXT, type your text for the box label. Note: Text for the boxes will automatically be capitalized.

11. To edit box labels 2 – 4: Repeat steps 9 through 10.

That does it. You now have a fun, engaging way to collect data using the Bubble Smart Form.

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