We've made a couple of updates to our survey editor. The updates are going allow to you to be able to manage your profile, billing information and notification settings within our platform.

1. To find your Account Settings: Go to your Survey Home Page

2. Start by locating the drop-down menu on the top right corner beside your profile icon. Click on the drop-down button (arrow).

3. The Account Settings drop-down menu will expand, click ACCOUNT SETTINGS. Note: This button will take you to your Account Settings Page.

4. To edit your Profile Settings: on your Account Settings Page, find the field you want to edit and edit the information and click SAVE CHANGES once you are finished.

5. To change your Account Password: on your Account Settings Page, click CHANGE PASSWORD. Note: This button will take you the Account Password Reset Page.

6. To change your Account Subscription Plan: Go to your Account Settings Page, under Billing click CHANGE PLAN. Note: This will open up a menu that will display the available subscription plans.

7. To go back to the survey editor: Look for the My Surveys button on the top left corner and click MY SURVEYS.

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