The Survey Home Page is where you will use the editor to create and edit your Welcome Screen, survey questions, weighting, Thank You Screen and more. This overview will expose you to all of the different functionality available to you.

After you first create the survey, your browser will open to the home page.

  1. My Surveys will take you back to the My Surveys homepage which allows you to open or create another survey.
  2. The text at the top of the screen is the internal name you gave for the survey. You can edit by clicking the edit button shown in step 10.
  3. You can use the Feedback button to provide feedback to the Wyzerr team. If you need immediate assistance, email instead of using the feedback button.
  4. You can use the user dropdown to log out of the editor. Additional account management functionality is coming soon.
  5. The flyout on the left-hand side of the page changes based on what Smart Form you are interacting with at the time. Each Smart Form is covered on its own page within the help center.
  6. The Smart Form editor will display a preview of the current Smart Form you are working on. Each Smart Form is covered on its own page within the getting started guide.
  7. The conditionals button is available when you are on the Thank You screen for defining different messages based on different results. Its functionality is covered in this doc.
  8. The calculator button is used to define the weight of each Smart Form response. Its functionality is covered in this doc.
  9. The Skip Logic button allows you to skip different questions in your survey based on the user's response. Its functionality is coming soon.
  10. The Edit The Survey Settings button is used to modify the survey’s name, description, and primary color. Its functionality is covered here.
  11. The Welcome Screen button takes you to the welcome screen where you can customize the messages. Its functionality is covered here.
  12. The plus button allows you to create a new Smart Form. There is a separate doc for Binary Quadrant Bubble Orbit Open Text.
  13. The preview button allows you to open the survey in preview mode so you can review your survey in the same way a user would consume it. Reminder: The preview screen opens a new browser tab.
  14. The timer will update as you create your survey giving you an estimate of how long your survey will take to be completed. It will change to yellow when your survey surpasses 60 seconds and red when your survey surpasses 2 minutes.
  15. Once your survey is complete, you will use the green check button to save your survey. It is covered in the Launch Your Survey guide.
  16. The Thank You button will take open the thank you screen so you can edit the message and add any conditions. Its functionality is covered here.
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